Aug 13, 2021

Donation brings joy to Heartland Senior Living -Heartland Consumers Power District donates bird feeders for community service project

Donation brings joy to Heartland Senior Living

Heartland Consumers Power District donates bird feeders for community service project


TRUMAN, M.N. – Residents of Heartland Senior Living were recently presented with a special gift.


Bird-watching is a popular pastime for elderly adults. It relieves stress, helps them reconnect with nature and is accessible for people with a range of abilities. It also provides sensory and memory benefits. This activity became especially important during the pandemic when residents were socially isolated.


Heartland Consumers Power District (HCPD) donated five bird feeders plus bird seed to the facility as part of the Public Power Month of Giving.


Power supplier gives back


Public power utilities, such as the city of Truman, are owned and operated by the communities they serve. They are a division of local government, run by boards of local officials accountable to the citizens.


Public power is defined by commitment to community. Across the country, they support local commerce, employ 93,000 people in hometown jobs, and invest more than $2 billion annually directly back into the communities they serve. Employees volunteer their time on community boards and improvement projects. Residents have a voice in utility operations and the opportunity to make decisions that benefit the community.


Public power is embedded in the fabric of the communities it serves.


To celebrate this commitment to community, public power utilities across the nation celebrated a Month of Giving in June.


“Public power is all about serving the community. That’s our number one motivation,” said HCPD CEO Russell Olson. “What better way to serve Truman than by going beyond our day-to-day electric work and making a difference.”


HCPD, a non-profit public power utility located in Madison, South Dakota, provides wholesale power as well as energy services and community development programs to the city of Truman as well as other municipal electric utilities throughout the Midwest.


HCPD donated 115 bird feeders and 30 bird houses to 29 facilities in 19 communities. Local officials were also invited to join for presentations and be recognized as the hometown public power provider. Truman council member Patty Truax and Deputy Clerk Thea Boesch joined HCPD staff to present the items to Heartland Senior Living staff and residents.


HCPD staff traveled more than 2,400 miles overall and committed about 60 hours to this project. What can’t be measured is how much joy it brought to everyone involved.


Heartland Consumers Power District (HCPD) donated bird feeders to Heartland Senior Living for a public power community service project. Pictured left to right: HCPD Customer Relations Manager Kelly Dybdahl, Truman Council Member Patty Truax, Heartland Senior Living Resident Council President Marsha Boesch, Heartland Senior Living Activities Director Dani Williams, and Truman Deputy Clerk Thea Boesch.

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